Google Position


Probably one of the most asked questions – “Can you get my site to the top Google position?”.. Probably one of the most received spam emails “We can get you site to the top Google position!”… The only honest answer to this – for any company – is maybe. Although that said, we have reached the #1 spot for many customers.


You cannot ‘buy’ your way to the top of Google. Your Google position will be determined by a multitude of factors.

The majority of these are based on the content and structure of your site but others are external such as the age of your domain, links to it and the volume of traffic it receives. The number of Google services you utilise can also play a role so it’s important to keep up with these and integrate them into your site. We offer Google optimisation as part of our on-going maintenance and  have achieved the number  Google position for many of our customers. If you would like to know more about this – and how we can help you – please send us a message.


Google Position: SEM vs SEO

SEM – Search Engine Marketing – is the industry term for Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. In simple terms, this is where you enter an auction to bid for a search word or phrase. The purpose being that when that word/phrase is searched for on Google your website is returned in the matches found.

The exact placement of your website (i.e. position 1,2 etc) is determined by your maximum bid and also the quality score of your site. The better your site is, the better your quality score is, the better your quality score is, the less you have to bid.

Google Adword campaigns can be very effective but need professional management if they are to be cost effective.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is the industry term for sites that are listed on google preferentially through their merit ‘organically’. These sites are listed below the Ad Words results and are clearly identified as they do not show ‘Ad’ before their listing. Having a good ‘organic’ search result is very important if you want your site to perform well for either organic or paid for results.


Research has shown that internet savvy users tend to ignore Google Ads and favour the ‘Organic’ search results. In any instance you need good SEO to ensure a strong Google position.


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